Monday, July 27, 2009

Passion in Life (Part 3)

Yes, I injured myself again.

Futsal-related. Nothing serious. No broken bones. No fractures. Just some 'minor soft tissue and nerve injury' according to the doctor. That was nearly a month ago.
So, why was I hospitalized for one night and still can't walk properly till now?!!!
Seeing that my friends really 'enjoyed' my acupuncture treatment pics of my last 2 injuries, here we go again to complete an unprecedented hattrick of g(l)ory images:
Terrible acting.
On the ANKLE!
Zoom x10...See the 'bubble' of blood in the 'cup' on the right?

Zoom x15...not so funny when it's up-close.

I could only wish to the God of Football that I'll recover soon and make an injury-free comeback. Coz if I don't, you might as well suck all the blood out of my life.

My Everything

Dedicated to know who you are ;-)

Wang Lee Hom - Everything

故事裡的 起承轉合 有一些忘記

原來波折 才暗示著 該走的方向

就算 別人都說 我們沒什麼出息

Cause You're My Everything
就一個原因 讓我勇敢面對這個世界
想給你 Everything不管用多少個明天 永遠從此刻開始算起
你的愛是我的 Everything

遼闊天際 求和相遇 有多少機率
多少煙火 墜落無痕跡

因為幸福 沒有捷徑 難免要繞道
不被看好 越是要走到

就算別人都說 我們沒什麼出息

你就是 Everything
就這個原因 讓我勇敢面對這個世界

想給你 Everything
隻要你說一聲願意 所有的未來才有意義
你的愛是我的 Everything

Cause You're My Everything
就這個原因 讓我勇敢面對這個世界
想給你 Everything 不管用多少個明天

你就是 Everything
就如這個原因 我會永遠記住這種感覺
想給你 Everything
隻要你說一聲願意 所有的未來才有意義

你的愛是我的 Everything

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My strength...

I miss you so much, Ah Kong.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Love You, Beach!

People say we are inspired by people, things and events around us. At certain moments in life, we discover a feeling of peace, calmness and pure happiness. Do you remember such moments?

Time just stood still. Everything in the world pauses. You are one with yourself. And at that very moment, you suddenly find yourself connecting freely with your creative mind. Your mind is surrounded by beautiful thoughts. Ideas keep flowing.

It was that moment when it struck me. Pure enlightenment. Emptiness. An inspiration.

And that was when............

I decided to rename my blog.

Life's a Beach~

(...and I'm its master)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

練習 Practice - 劉德華 Andy Lau



我已開始練習 開始慢慢著急

我天天練習 天天都會熟悉

怎能剩我一人回去 回去

Friday, March 6, 2009

Passion in Life (Part 2)

It's my 5th day at home.

I'm going crazy...

Boredom & that niggling pain in my leg are starting to get to me.

Went for my 2nd treatment 2 days ago at the Sports Clinic. This is what happened.

Another episode of poking-two-15cm needles-into-my-thigh-and-electrocute-the-shit-out-of-me.


I was feeling the blues. After the treatment, I decided to drop by the clinic next door to seek for a second opinion. The following conversation ensued:

Doctor: What's wrong?

Me: I injured my left thigh while playing football.

(pokes my thigh with her finger)

Doctor: Ok lah. I'll give you some medicine to relax the muscle & some painkillers.

Me: ??????? That's all?

Doctor: Ya.

Me: ??????? No need for an injection?

Doctor: If you want, also can lah.

Me: Will I be able to play sooner if I take a jab?

Doctor: Yes.

Me: DO ME!

(Ok, maybe I didn't say that. I might have said something like 'Jab me!'

Unfortunately the painkillers, jab & electrocution didn't help much. The pain was still unbearable. So today I decided to seek for a THIRD opinion from a Chinese doctor.

He told me there was too much blood clogged in my thigh & needed to draw out some 'bad blood'.

Upon hearing that, I was preparing for the worse. You'll know what I mean by looking at the following pics. Brace yourself.

(Warning: Upcoming pictures will definitely be disturbing to all & somewhat hilarious to those who have perverted minds)

Things got 'bloody'. This 'sucks'.

Who in the right mind would go for this kind of treatment?

Told you I was going crazy.

(to be continued...)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Passion in Life

It's my 3rd day at home.

Painful. Agonizing. Heartbreaking. Bored.

Injured myself while playing futsal last Sunday morning. Initially, I thought I had pulled a muscle so I continued playing. Turns out that I actually TORE a muscle.

I went to a clinic specializing in sports injury in Klang.

Upon inspection, the singse told me that I have a torn muscle and blood clot in my left thigh. He also asked me which Premier League team I am playing for, to which I answered: Manchester United! (yeah, right)

Anyway, I was expecting him to wrap my thigh in some Chinese herbs when he suddenly pulled out TWO 15cm long needles from the drawer with a grin on his face.

Well, maybe not THAT kind of needle. The acupuncture ones, but still 15cm in length. AND the same kind of evil grin on his face.

Then without warning, he poked / inserted / cucuk / hantam / 'chak' both needles into my left thigh. Yes, without warning whateverso. As if that wasn't enough to scare the shit out of me, he proceeded to electrocute me! Look closely at the pictures. You can just FEEL me...

(Warning: upcoming images might be disturbing to some and hilarious to others)



I could feel my veins jumping!

(to be continued...)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Singapore Escapade

My first blog entry at the age of 26! Well, better late than never... Phew, just got back from Singapore on Monday. And what a great trip it was. Had a wonderful time with my favourite uncle, Nigel and my aunt and cousins from Johore.

Here I am at the LCCT. I was never one who could take a snapshot like a decent person. Btw, 'antarabangsa' = 'national' ??

Flew with AirAsia. "Now Calvin Tan can fly..."

This is me at Changi Airport.

Immediately after touchdown, I rushed to my cousin, Wenny's engagement only to find that they have already exchanged vows. Bummer! So the only productive thing I could do was to take more silly pictures of myself.

No wonder Wenny looks uncomfortable, as if I'm a serial killer. (*gasp*)

I know it's gay. But the flowers were too beautiful for me to resist.

It took me 30 minutes to catch this little monkey to snap a photo with me.

And to my surprise, there was another bigger monkey running loose at the very same garden.

On the second day, I was at Orchard doing some sight seeings. Oh, boy.

King of the jungle was there too...

Headed to this beautiful park at East Coast Park called 'East Coast Park'. It was so breathtakingly awesome it reminded me of that Korean player at Manchester United. Anyways this beach is so heavenly that I don't mind spending an entire month just sitting here and enjoy the breeze, scenery and sunset. Ahhh...

This is me at an Irish pub on the 3rd day. Don't think that I'm drunk coz I drank 2 glasses at once. If this picture looks blurry to you, it just means that YOU had too much to drink already, my dear friend. Heh heh...But in all seriousness, I made an amazing discovery at the pub. Look at the next picture and you'll see what I mean.

Looks like I'm not the only one who wants that s.o.b. dead! Lol!

Nigel and I headed to Ang Mo Kio to meet up with the rest of my family. I wasted no time hunting down props to pose for the camera like the attention whore that I am.

Ran out of money while I was there so I tried my hand at being a Crocs salesman. Initially thought dressing up like a crocodile would help in my newfound career but things just didn't work out.

I didn't want to worry too much so I tried to sleep away all my worries. But I got hungry after 5 minutes, still without money in my pockets. What does a poor man do?

He does what a street artist would do for money! If you look closely, there are actually gold coins on the floor. (ok ok...they belong to me, dammit)

No more pennies for the photo booth so I used my own camera.

My aunt who is already an 'aunty' wanted to see how I would look like if I were an 'aunty' so here you go...

Jokes aside, the entire trip was truly wonderful in a family sense. Being in Singapore for 4 days, I realized how much I missed my family down South. Quoting one of my favourite songs, "every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure".

I love you guys so much!

Well, another thing I discovered about Singapore is how clean it is. Not a piece of rubbish wherever I go. It almost felt weird as I come from the land of 'throw-your-garbage-everywhere'. I respect the cleanliness and civic-mindedness of Singaporeans so much that I...

...dressed up as a Singaporean rubbish bin!

I'll be back soon...