Thursday, November 11, 2010

Burn in Hell

Today, for the 5th time in my entire life, I feel like punching someone really hard in the face. REPEATEDLY. The same one moron. Until he dies, or begs for his life. Whichever comes first.

I used to think that I would never resort to violence. I've always told people around me that any problem can be settled peacefully, with wisdom, compromise, handshakes, etc, all that shit.

But it got me thinking. A person could be patient, understanding, knowledgeable, a family man, has a positive social image that took years to build. But all that could be thrown out of the window in a moment of anger. Rage, for a better word. Who the hell thinks of all that when in a state of uncontrollable anger? How many would pause for a second and think of the consequences of the simple act of punching someone you really hate in the face?

They say that a human being feels anger when he or his loved ones are threatened in one way or another. Which is exactly the case in point. I'm sure society would forgive me for attempted murder on a piece of worthless junk who is trying to jeopardize family harmony. Even if he himself is part of that family. Doesn't that make it even more justifiable to tear his face apart? Harming his own family member?

In a short period of time, a vast amount of anger, rage, hatred, despise and more rage built inside of me. The adrenalin rush could be compared to that of me watching a Champions League final between Manchester United and Manchester City (but we know that is not possible, Man City are losers). I felt the need to release that whole galaxy of energy in me into indescribable pain and suffering in him. And I ask myself, would I feel better if I did? Of course I would!

Education and upbringing have taught me that anger is unnecessary. Well, listen here, Mr. Education and Miss Upbringing. Shut the hell up or I'm gonna punch you in the face!