Friday, March 6, 2009

Passion in Life (Part 2)

It's my 5th day at home.

I'm going crazy...

Boredom & that niggling pain in my leg are starting to get to me.

Went for my 2nd treatment 2 days ago at the Sports Clinic. This is what happened.

Another episode of poking-two-15cm needles-into-my-thigh-and-electrocute-the-shit-out-of-me.


I was feeling the blues. After the treatment, I decided to drop by the clinic next door to seek for a second opinion. The following conversation ensued:

Doctor: What's wrong?

Me: I injured my left thigh while playing football.

(pokes my thigh with her finger)

Doctor: Ok lah. I'll give you some medicine to relax the muscle & some painkillers.

Me: ??????? That's all?

Doctor: Ya.

Me: ??????? No need for an injection?

Doctor: If you want, also can lah.

Me: Will I be able to play sooner if I take a jab?

Doctor: Yes.

Me: DO ME!

(Ok, maybe I didn't say that. I might have said something like 'Jab me!'

Unfortunately the painkillers, jab & electrocution didn't help much. The pain was still unbearable. So today I decided to seek for a THIRD opinion from a Chinese doctor.

He told me there was too much blood clogged in my thigh & needed to draw out some 'bad blood'.

Upon hearing that, I was preparing for the worse. You'll know what I mean by looking at the following pics. Brace yourself.

(Warning: Upcoming pictures will definitely be disturbing to all & somewhat hilarious to those who have perverted minds)

Things got 'bloody'. This 'sucks'.

Who in the right mind would go for this kind of treatment?

Told you I was going crazy.

(to be continued...)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Passion in Life

It's my 3rd day at home.

Painful. Agonizing. Heartbreaking. Bored.

Injured myself while playing futsal last Sunday morning. Initially, I thought I had pulled a muscle so I continued playing. Turns out that I actually TORE a muscle.

I went to a clinic specializing in sports injury in Klang.

Upon inspection, the singse told me that I have a torn muscle and blood clot in my left thigh. He also asked me which Premier League team I am playing for, to which I answered: Manchester United! (yeah, right)

Anyway, I was expecting him to wrap my thigh in some Chinese herbs when he suddenly pulled out TWO 15cm long needles from the drawer with a grin on his face.

Well, maybe not THAT kind of needle. The acupuncture ones, but still 15cm in length. AND the same kind of evil grin on his face.

Then without warning, he poked / inserted / cucuk / hantam / 'chak' both needles into my left thigh. Yes, without warning whateverso. As if that wasn't enough to scare the shit out of me, he proceeded to electrocute me! Look closely at the pictures. You can just FEEL me...

(Warning: upcoming images might be disturbing to some and hilarious to others)



I could feel my veins jumping!

(to be continued...)